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2019 Le Brizeux, Quimpérle, France 

2019 Rad'art, Port Louis, France 

2019 Kulturák Archa, Lubná 

2019 Walk Thru Gallery, Hradec Kralove 

2018 Gallery4, Cheb 

2019 PechaKucha Night, Hradec Králové 

2014 Christiania, Prešov, Slovakia 

2014 Bio Central, Hradec Králové 

2011 Horká Vana, České Budějovice 

2011 Klub 29, Pardubice 

My name is Barbora Ungerová. I live with my husband and two sons in the small village of Lubná in the Czech countryside. I was born on 1981 and since my childhood I have been actively involved in music, dance, theatre and visual arts. Since 2012 I have been working as a self-employed musician in band Dva. I continuously work in art. In 2008 I founded my own brand mœtïvï, in which I devote myself to author design articles of daily use (design of fabrics, articles of paper and porcelain). Under nickname Janines Jansen I exhibit drawings of smaller formats and photographs of my land-art realisations in nature. I occasionally decorate larger areas of walls and furniture. In my own band Dva I create the whole graphic identity, visual form of posters, album covers and merchandise. 




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Barbora Ungerová

Lubná 215


Czech republic


2020 Zrní: Trest / art design for music video and band merchandising

2020 Portmoneum / decoration of the walls of the Josef Váchal Museum in Litomyšl 

2018 Zrní: Ať / landart video for the song from the album Jiskřící 

2018 Nuuk / decoration of the outer walls of the sauna caravan in Hradec Králové 

2014-2017 OneSock /Graphic designs for collections of originaly designed socks 

2006-2016 Dva / complete graphic identity for my music band, album covers, promotional materials, website 

2016 Biorchestr: Bicycle / music album cover 

2014 Papelote / Author's designed collection of exercise books and wrapping papers 

2013-2014 Mucha / music album covers Slovácká epopej and Josefene 

2013 Martin Kyšperský: Svetr / music album cover 

2007-2010 Klub 29 / Graphic design of promotional materials, website 

2009 Klub 29 / decoration of the walls of the cafe

2001-2007 DNO theater / Graphic design of promotional materials and website

2006 Husa na provázku Theater / Graphic design of posters and billboards for theatre in Brno

2005 Poco and poco animato / Graphic design of promotional materials and website

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